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IHF Fit Club is a monthly membership program designed to help busy women sculpt a healthy and strong body from the comfort of their own home while connecting with like-minded women around the world.

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Monthly Workouts & Calendar

Each month we have a new theme and new workouts plus a workout calendar. SO you know what to do each day!  You get 3 20 minute workouts to complete each week! 


Each month you will get new Healthy and delicious recipes!


You are not alone in you fitness goals! We will keep each other on track!

Do you struggle to find time for exercise?

Is it hard for you to stay consistent? I can relate. As a business owner and mom of 2 I know what it’s like to be strapped for time. That’s exactly why I created IHF Fit Club! The IHF provides quick & effective at-home workouts to help you feel good in your body again. You’ll gain strength, tone up and boost your confidence in a way that you never thought possible.

By following IHF Fit Club monthly workout calendar you can expect to:
Reduce your workout time but see better results!
Build core strength and tighten your waistline.
Improve posture and flexibility.
Feel supported and encouraged by a community of like-minded women.
Reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm.
Boost your confidence and overall happiness levels.

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IHF Fit Club

Fat burning, muscle building workouts every month, healthy recipes, tips and tools to help you with all your fitness goals.


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